Bread, Wine and Donuts

Before I came to know the Lord, I had a pretty vague understanding of who he was or for that matter who God was, but I knew that he was there. As a child, I had a friend who lived within walking distance of where I lived. We used to spend many weekends over each others houses, either I over her’s or vice versa. On many occasions, her family took me to church with them on Sunday mornings. There was this little Lutheran Church behind their house and we walked over there for both Sunday School and Sunday morning service, and I absolutely loved going.

It was not that the pastor at this church was that great, honestly I cannot a word that he ever said much less his name. I also did not especially enjoy it because of the people I met, or the games that we played in Sunday School, or even the lessons that were given although I am sure all of these things were fine as well. Instead it was the communion bread that did it for me and that kept me longing to come back for more. Every Sunday the Pastor or whoever was administering communion handed out these huge pieces of bread. I do not remember him ever giving us any wine or any representation of it, but the bread was sufficient for me, which by the way was huge- did I mention that already?

It was not just the communion bread though, it was also the donuts. After church most Sundays if not every Sunday, there were always free donuts and pastries available for whoever wanted them, and I always wanted them-it gave a little girl something to look forward to. It was for the bread and the donuts that even if I did not spend the night over my friend’s house, I still begged my mom to go to church and to my good fortune, she often let me go.

Maybe God knew that all it would take for me to come to him were some donuts and a piece of bread. I am not saying that this is what saved me, nor am I diluting the power of the cross. My only claim here is that the Lord knew that if I kept coming to His house, no matter what my motive was to begin with, that I would eventually hear, and he knew that if I heard, I would eventually make a decision to follow him.

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