Faith in the life of a Christian isn’t just about whether we believe in Jesus’ existential reality. Belief in Jesus needs to undergird our faith experience, and yet, it should be characterized by so much more. Faith should mean that we trust Jesus to do the impossible concerning our souls and it should also include …

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  I am not interested in changing who I am to fit inside of a system that was not designed for me. I am not interested in altering my personality, my style, my clothes in order to be afforded the right to anxiously work and achieve…what? I am exactly not sure. Some measure of success …

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Forsaking Justice for Faith?

  There is a sentiment that I have been seeing circulate around the inter-webs that I want to respond to. It is not a new sentiment, in fact one that has been present for...well, the idea is so old I cannot quite trace its origins. The age of the idea, however, does not take away from …

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What More Can I Say? On Charlottesville and White Supremacy

After the Charlottesville riot on Saturday, I wrestled with the idea of writing a piece  that would convincingly urge my Christian brothers and sisters to respond. I first contemplated the idea of speaking to the need for the Church to condemn the protest and violence of white nationalism, but it felt somewhat shallow. I then …

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What Happened to Us? A Sermon on Sin and Trauma

What does it mean to be completely and wonderfully made? What does it mean to be so deeply and intricately designed and known by our creator that wherever we go, whatever we do, whether we make our bed in heaven or the earth below, that God sees us, responds to us, loves us? These ideas …

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Black Gal White Guy: Aquittal of Jeronimo Yanez

Hey ya'll, I did my first podcast! Does that make me a podcaster now? What is the official terminology here? Anyhow, not important. What is important is the conversation. Head on over to the Mennonerds Podcast to check it out.