You are not threatened by my questions, by my doubts, by my fears
by my inadequacies, by my shortcomings, by my emotions, by my tears…

My tears have been many, how they fall and fill up the room.
It seems like I am swimming, my arms wrestle tirelessly with the waters of my soul…

My soul, it runs deep like roots, God there is so much there!
So many prayers, so many desires, the cries are endless.
I am so anxious,
You understand…

You understand my heart, my mind, my will,
You understand the very depths of who I am.
You see the passion in my eyes, and the fire in my soul
That draws me out and compels me to come up higher…

Higher to where you are, higher to where I can finally be at rest
From the struggle within this wretched being that I am.
Every part of me longs for that final redemption when you will completely restore
All that is broken and all that has been ripped apart by the locusts of this life…

Life it goes on until you call be home,
Then the questions will cease and the doubts will dissipate
And the tears that surround me now will make sense
Then I will lie down in sweet sleep and ever be embraced by your love…

Your love that has never failed me,
God it has never let me go.
I can never grasp the depth or the richness of it,
Yet until that day I will ask you to make it ever known.

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