What More Can I Say? On Charlottesville and White Supremacy

After the Charlottesville riot on Saturday, I wrestled with the idea of writing a piece  that would convincingly urge my Christian brothers and sisters to respond. I first contemplated the idea of speaking to the need for the Church to condemn the protest and violence of white nationalism, but it felt somewhat shallow. I then …

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Black Gal White Guy: Aquittal of Jeronimo Yanez

Hey ya'll, I did my first podcast! Does that make me a podcaster now? What is the official terminology here? Anyhow, not important. What is important is the conversation. Head on over to the Mennonerds Podcast to check it out.  

Say Their Names: The Rizpah Inside All of Us

This post is the fourth installment in a series that I have been hosting called, “Say Their Names” which tells the stories of amazing women in the Bible who like our male heroes, exercised and operated from a deep sense of faith. And from their stories, I will expound on other historical and modern day examples. …

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Love. Hard. Period.

A teacher of the law asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. Rather than answer his question, Jesus countered and asked the teacher to define the law himself and the teacher replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all …

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Tired: The Cries of a Weary People

I can see it in your eyes The fear which clouds every thought I can hear it in your words The anxiety laced in everything you say Fear of life itself And all of those who walk about it Anxious over the notion that someone somewhere just might Take you out. It's scary, I know. …

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With This Little Light

The candle that I hold in my hand is small and seemingly insignificant. In a room full of other light, it goes mostly unnoticed. But in times of darkness, such as a power outage, I search for its light to illuminate the room so that I can see. In many ways, I feel like this …

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