Lament Song

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling lost and confused, remorseful over the events of the night before. So much shame and a deep feeling of wantonness filled my chest, comprising the air circulating in my lungs trying to keep me alive. My head ached, my body was sore, and I wanted to vomit up the …

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They told me I was white Because I did not speak like the other black girls So I stopped talking And learned to write instead. I hid behind the written word So that no one would ever call me that again. Link to image >

Is This Who We’ve Become?

Last week, I received a call that no parent ever wants to receive - that there was a potential threat at my child’s school. After the police received information that there was a suspicious person outside of the building, the school was put on code yellow to ensure the safety of the children and faculty …

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The Importance of Worship in Times of Despair

This last year has left me weary. The constant news of violence against my people has been both overwhelming and discouraging, the latter because I honestly don’t know when relief will come. Our nation has built it’s wealth and prominence in the world by victimizing black and brown people - something that will not be …

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