In their pain and inability to cope appropriately with their stress, hurting people often respond by hurting other people.
Often they turn toward the people closest to them and push them further and further away until one day they are no longer there.
It’s sad but it’s true. Just think about the single mother who decides to lash out on her innocent child because it seems like her burdens are to heavy to bear. Or the husband who desists from responding to his wife because the demands at work are too much and refuses to share them with her.
Or the sister, the brother, the father, the mother, the cousin, the friend who turns toward another in hopes to afflict them with the same curse that has been placed on their shoulders. Although they don’t truly wan the other to suffer, they want the pain in their own hearts to go away and fade into the darkness.
So they continue to provoke, they continue to heap, they continue to push, they continue to divide until there is nothingness….now there is even more emptiness…
The void enlarges, the anger grows but now there is no one there but themselves, staring at themselves, no longer able to blame the world because in fact they have eradicated it, themselves now the only persons to blame. No one present to help bail them out, the cycle continues until they defeat themselves. Hurting people hurt people, but in the end they only hurt themselves.

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