But They Know…

KnowledgeMesmerized by your presence, in awe of your majesty, I come. I come struck by who you are, humbled by my inadequacies, empowered to draw people closer to where you are, nearer to your right hand of glory…

But no one comes.

If only they knew that in your presence there is power, power to heal, power to save, power to cleanse of all unrighteousness, then they would come Lord. They would come knocking down the doors of heaven to have an audience with you. They would come begging to be with you, begging to sit with you.

If they knew you raised the dead, provided mercy for the brokenhearted and set the prisoners free, they’d come Lord.

If they knew you provided food for the hungry, rain for the good and bad alike, justice for the oppressed, Lord surely they would come.

If they knew you loved them, Lord, really truly loved them, they’d come. They would drop everything Lord just to be with you, if only they knew.

But they know, even still they don’t come.

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