Why I Am Thankful

On April 5, only two weeks ago, I started working for a really cool nonprofit in the Twin Cities. And I thank God because two weeks prior to this I was laid off from my job of two years. Its funny, ironic even, how the Lord decides to work in our lives sometimes. I really believe that he delights in showing us that ram in the bush at what seems like the last possible minute. Not only does it build our trust and confidence in him, but it also helps us to realize that his provision in our lives has nothing to do with us and everything to do with him.

Anyone who knows me knows that I had been looking for employment for a really long time. Full time employment that is, because I already had a job but it was only part time. Part time was great when I was in seminary (grad school). Between studying, reading and writing papers, I did not have time for anything else. But since I graduated last spring, I needed something else if for no other reason than to repay all of those college loans that I took out over the years. So I started looking. And looking. And looking. Several of months, resumes and interviews later, I had absolutely no leads.

But I still had my part time job. At least that was something. Even though I wanted to do more, I mean I was not that fulfilled as an Administrative Assistant, I was just thankful that I was employed in this turbulent economy. So I was going to give up the search, at least for a little while, and focus on the finer things in life like chasing around an active 9 month year old and writing this blog.

I remember the day that I was going to give up so clearly. Probably because the very next day, my supervisor told me that because of budget constraints in the organization that I would be losing my job in six weeks. So I was back on the trail, but I had absolutely no idea where I was going to look since I had been turned down by nearly every organization in the Twin Cities Metro Area for one reason or another, including some prominent organizations on the East Coast.

The next week, an organization that I sent a cold cover letter and resume to contacted me to let me know they had a job opening. I was especially appreciative that they had since many do not follow up as they say that they will. After sending in my resume, I came in for an interview. Although I felt really positive about the experience, I did not hear anything from them in weeks. And as my time with my other job drew to a close, I got a little worried.

Yet I held this image in my mind, this idea, that God would intervene someway somehow. Judging from God’s track record in my life in the past and his faithfulness, I knew that he would come through. This is what I kept telling myself, even though I knew people who were laid off for years and even though I knew that I faced certain systemic inequalities which I will not take the time to get into now.

March 18th, my last day at my place of employment arrived. By this time, I interviewed with a few more organizations and even had some interviews in the coming weeks but I still didn’t have any solid leads. So I walked out not knowing where I was going to go the next moment.

The next week, the organization who sent me the job posting contacted me and interviewed me initially, asked me to come in for a second interview. I just knew in my heart that something would come of it. I thought that I would hear from them right away, pretty much that day as to what their decision was but I didn’t and waited all weekend to hear the results. Then the call that I had been waiting for, for months really, came. I was extended an opportunity to work as a full-time employee in an organization that is passionate about social, economical and racial justice. I accepted.

Its been two weeks since I started working here and I am just so thankful. I thankful to God for providing the opportunity for me to employed with an employer that stands up for many of the things that I believe in. I am thankful that God really does hear the cry of those who are his, who cry out to him day and night, for intervention, for salvation. And I am thankful that God has provided me an opportunity to share with others all that he has done in my life, once again, so that as a result of what he has done, I can give all glory, honor, and power to him.

So. What are you thankful for?

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