Making Sense of God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

How would your life be transformed if…
…the answers to your questions about faith, God and life no longer made sense, you discovered that happiness and success were not guaranteed, you struggled to make sense of the hurt, pain and disappointment you ever encountered?

Would you…
…give up, become apathetic, keep dancing?

As for me, I chose to keep dancing. When life did not make sense, instead of giving up I pressed on. And when the traditional answers to my questions about faith and God seemed to be trite, I sought God even more instead of forsaking him. The result? I found a renewed sense of self and purpose. And most importantly, I learned to never doubt the love of God and his desire for me.

In Dancing on Hot Coals, I share this story of my journey. It is now available on Amazon in both print and kindle formats ($12.99 and $2.99 respectively). I hope that you will not allow me to share my story with you, but that your faith will also be encouraged as a result. Be sure to get the book today!

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