Divided and Conquered

I am not one to believe that there is a demon hiding behind every bush nor am I one to go looking for them. However, I believe that Christians, myself included, do not recognize the power behind demonic oppositional forces in that we constantly seem to be waging war against one another instead of powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Bible tells us that our struggle is not with one another but with this spiritual realm where evil reigns. Fortunately for us, through Christ, we have power to cast down and destroy every imagination exalted against the knowledge of God and make it obedient to Christ. The Bible also says that a house divided cannot stand, and so when we use this authority that we have to destroy the power of the enemy to instead destroy ourselves – our families, churches, cities, nations, and our very own faith suffers the consequences.

No place serves as a greater example of this than our current political system. The right divided against the left. The conservatives divided against the liberals. And Christians caught up in the middle of it, playing to either side’s ideology for its own political purposes, once again dividing an already fragmented church with a deeply scarred history. Instead of being the prophetic voice for change and transformation that God has called us to be, we are conquered just as the enemy has planned. We remain stuck in our silos, talking about silly things that sidetrack us from the most important things instead of being genuinely concerned about bringing people into the kingdom of God.

It all has to stop! The divisiveness, the trickery, the greed – it has to end! If we, the Church, want to be the hope of the world in this 21st century where the average person could care less about our theology and are more concerned about our actions, we have to come together, put our differences aside and speak to the things that God wants to speak to, and put to rest, the rest. God has given us this amazing authority to breathe life into dead bones, heal the sick, blind, and lame, preach the good news to those who are perishing, feed the poor, clothe the naked, proclaim liberty to those who are captives, freedom to prisoners, and victory, victory to those who grieve in Zion! Let’s cast off this garment of complacency and do that which God is calling us to. Eternity, cannot, will not, wait!

One thought on “Divided and Conquered

  1. Babatope Adedayo

    This is a word in due season, we all need to hear this word of truth which unfortunately is longer coming forth from the pulpit any more. The pulpit that was ordained by God to pull people of their pits has been sandwiched between two political ideologies as rightly stated. Thanks for sharing this am really blessed. May the good Lord continue to bless you with unusual revelation of His Word to impact your generation for God. You have been glorified.

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