Seeing 20/20

I have horrible eyesight, as a matter of fact I always have. And it seems like the older I get, and the more I stare at computer screens all day long, the worse it gets. Usually I get my eyes checked out every two years or so, more so out of routine than out of need. But this time, as I approach that two year mark, I definitely see the need as I can barely see out of the pair of glasses that I do have.

This morning as we drove to church, I lamented to my husband just how much I need to make sure I get my eyes checked out so that I can get a new pair. Instead of showing any sympathy, he tells me that I should be praying for healing instead of relying on substandard solutions. Which in all honesty ticked me off just a little bit. I had been down this road before, I mean with prayer, spending endless hours and a whole lot of energy and hope, asking God for healing. I guess because I did not receive it, or at least have not as of this point, that I just got used to the foggy vision, headaches, eye exams, and a whole litany of other things related to imperfect eyesight.

To be quite frank, we have all gotten used to one thing or another. We often settle for the second best, or that which will do, instead of what we actually need. We do the same thing in regards to our relationship with God and we settle for cheap imitations of him instead of the real thing. Such has caused us to see God inadequately, in fact we define who he is based on our experience and the caricature that we have created of him out of that experience.

Maybe its time for a change. Maybe its time that we put aside the substandard versions of God and passionately pursue him for who he truly is. Like the author of Hebrews says, “let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.” Yet we must be willing to let go of the things that we have gotten all too comfortable holding, notions and ideas of God that do not exist that simply satisfy our insecurities. “Fixing our eyes on Jesus” so that he is our only focus and everything else around us minimizes in comparison. Only then will we see God clearly, only then will we stop settling for the second best.

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