I Could Really Use Your Help, You Know!

I am presenting a paper on reconciliation at a conference in a few short weeks where I could use some personal stories and statistics. In the paper, I argue that racism, sexism and other forms of societal injustices have had an adverse impact of people’s faith. Specifically, I contend that a history of oppression, exploitation and injustice have kept people from trusting in God as a result of this deep, dark history being perpetrated by the church, or those who are supposed to be devoted followers of Christ.

Now I have done research for this, but what I would really like is some personal evidence to back this up. If you, or someone that you know, faith in God has been affected by certain injustices please take 1 minute to fill out this one question survey:

My faith in God has been affected as a result of different societal injustices perpetrated by the church and/or those who represent the church such that
– I am not affected by the decisions of others.
– I am hurt but I continue to follow Christ
– I have certain reservations about Christianity but am hanging in there
– I believe in Christ, but I don’t practice Christianity
– I believe in Christ, but I don’t any form of religion
– I am doubtful that God exists
– I believe that Christianity and all other religions were invented by people

Please visit my facebook page to answer these questions as there is not a way on this blog to collect all of the results!

I would also love to hear from you with more substantial stories. If you are willing to let your story be heard, either comment on this post or email me at ebanna22@gmail.com if you don’t want to put yourself out there like that. I promise to keep your names and other information you share with me such as email, etc, confidential.

Thanks for helping me out!

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