Prayer for Syria

Dear God,

My heart is heavy. Sometimes I feel like it will break. Tears I can barely keep from flowing down my face as I look, and I see, my brothers and sisters losing their lives in Syria. Day after day, more and more people are taking their last breaths, slipping into eternity, at the hands of a man who refuses to abdicate power.

It disgusts me.

And it overwhelms me.

I feel like I need to do something, like I need to say something. Like somehow, some way, but I am without power. I don’t have an international platform and I sure can’t influence heads of state.

But you can. By your Spirit, you can change even the hardest of hearts and minds. And I pray that you would, because frankly God, this is getting out of hand.

See all of the blood spilled, God, look and see. How long will the wicked prosper at the expense of the vulnerable? How much longer must these people suffer – fathers losing their sons and daughters, children losing their parents? How much longer until the cries of these reach heaven and you allow time to stand still so that you can act?

How much longer will my brothers and sisters be regarded as a political game – pawns in somebody’s chess game? When will the world lay aside all that it could gain, and forget about what it could lose, and respond?

How much longer until your people rally together and pray? When will they begin to weep, really weep, on behalf of someone who does not look like them, does not believe like them, but who is equally valuable and equally precious in your sight?

Syria can’t afford to wait any longer, God. Move today. Move today.

Be sure to join Demanding Justice for Syria on facebook. We are a group committed to praying for justice and peace in Syria. All you have to do is like us, pray for Syria and tell your friends about us.

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