Crisis of Identity that My Education Couldn’t Solve

Several years ago I had an epiphany that uprooted the foundation of my world. You may think that what I realized isn’t profound but I care very little about what you think. In a moment’s time my life was changed and I realized that my life is not defined by success or failure, what I wear or even the people that I surround myself with. Instead, my life finds its meaning in something a little less tangible than material things, and finds purpose in something surer than any human relationship that I could ever know – a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ!

It is in my relationship with Jesus that my life has the meaning, purpose and depth that I often looked for in other things. It is because of his great love for me that I stand and it is this love that keeps me from falling flat on my face. Many people would agree with the truth of my discovery without batting an eye, but here I prove to be a little slower than most and so it took me a while.

It took me a while to understand the real impact that Christ has upon my life. It is an impact that goes beyond mere church attendance and memorization of a few Bible verses, as his presence influences every area of my life. I have walked with the Lord now for almost twenty years and have studied his Word to the point that I have earned degrees in it. Knowing this, you might think that I should know the details of these ideas just as much if not more than I know the intricacies of my face or the back of my hand. Yet these are things that no textbook can teach you. Such knowledge comes in less desirable ways.

Fire. This is the way that many lessons in life, especially the ones that count, are learned. It is a fire that purifies and makes you stronger. It is a fire that gives birth to blessings and a greater spiritual understanding. Yet it is a fire that burns like hell, as all fires do, and will bring you to your knees. It is a fire that makes you wonder why God chose you of all the people on the earth to inflict this excruciating pain! It is sometimes caused by harmful choices that you make. But then there are times that the purging flames are unwarranted, simply occurring because you dared to breathe and life happened.

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