Creativity Needed! I Could Really Use Your Help

Finding the perfect title for a book does not come easy, at least it does not for me. For years, I have been round and round about what I should call this book that I am working on. Every one that I have chosen seems to fall short and does not really capture all that the book is about – so now I am soliciting help! Please! Okay, so here is a snapshot of the book:

Happiness is not guaranteed. Victor Gonzalez was beginning to understand that. After years of working diligently to overcome the challenges that he faced as a result of the color of his skin, his heritage and his family, Victor finds himself standing in the very place that he did not want to be – a place of despair. When a worldwide economic crisis develops, he loses the secure job that he worked so hard for. His loss of financial security, however, causes him to lose much more – his wife, his dignity and his faith. Disillusioned, he turns to a life of crime, something he was trying to escape, by joining his brother’s drug ring in order to provide for his children. Soon he is making more money than he ever did as an investment banker but discovers that his estranged wife has been sexually trafficked. At a loss of what to do, Victor sets out to rescue her, save his family, and recover his faith in God again. 

Based on this synopsis, what do you think about the following titles?

5 thoughts on “Creativity Needed! I Could Really Use Your Help

  1. Coming up with the title of my first book was HARD! I asked myself, what phrase do I repeat a lot? What’s the one central or pivotal moment of the book? I decided that “Acceptance” would be the title, since the coming-of-age ceremony for my main character is referred to as “Acceptance,” plus she has to learn to do a lot of accepting as she enters adulthood.

    1. ebonyjohanna

      Thanks so much for your thoughts Keri! Yeah, there are a lot of questions that must be asked in this decision making process – acceptance sounds like a good title for a book, too!

  2. I’m not sure that any of the ones you suggest encompass the synopsis. They’re also a little too general for my own personal liking – they could be attached to many stories and perhaps what you need is something that connects deeply with your book rather than precising it? I hope you know what I mean – in my mind ‘Life in the margins’ summarises what the book might be about – it describes the plot rather than giving it a true and central NAME. Does that make sense? Look at some of the titles of the great novels and see how they go beyond the precis – they don’t describe the action, it’s like they describe the soul of the book… To Kill a Mockingbird…. Beloved…. The Age of Innocence…. Ulysses…. To the Lighthouse…. etc etc. I wish you luck – titles are hard – but I think you can do better than the above and I’m not sure how wise it is to ask strangers to come up with a title – those who have read it, yes, of course – but it’s like asking a stranger to name your child, or your pet, or yourself, without them having anything but the loosest notion of temperature and personality, scope and soul. I’ll shut up now. Good luck.

    1. ebonyjohanna

      Thanks for yout thoughts, Kaite! They make perfect sense. I also agree that none of the name selections that I have already identified really suit the novel…which is why I am soliciting help. I tell you, choosing the name for my first book, Dancing on Hot Coals was easy as pie. I am also writing another book, Becoming Very Goodness, and that title came pretty easy. I think the difference is that these two are nonfiction pieces, and the piece that I am asking help with is fiction. Oh well, one of these days it will come to me.

      1. I’m sure the perfect title will come to you! Really like the vitality in your other two titles. I often find going through the manuscript and pulling out a phrase, or a saying helps. Good luck and don’t give up! The name will announce itself one day!

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