What Taebo Can Do For Your Prayer Life

When it comes to working out, I am a wimp. Usually after fifteen minutes or so of cardio, I am ready to call it quits and justify me doing so with the few beads of sweat running down my face. But today as I was doing Taebo, I pressed in. I worked out good! I knew I had to if I am really serious about shedding a few pounds off my mid-section. And if I keep it up, by the grace of God I will, the results will soon bear witness to my efforts.

As I was doing my thing, counting the minutes that were going by, truly proud of myself for bringing it, I realized that many of us often struggle with the same thing when it comes to prayer. At least I know I have! After a few minutes, when I am all out of hallelujahs and thank you Jesus’, I am done. I don’t press through, I don’t tarry, and as a result, I have very little to show for it. And when I actually do pray about something, say a need or a promise that God has put on my heart, I give up praying for that thing far too soon, believing that maybe perhaps God did not want to meet that need or that promise.

This too is beginning to change, and I thank God! Over the last month or so, I have been reading the Circle Maker with a woman’s group I am a part of at my church. In this short period of time, God has revolutionized my prayer life. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to pray, really pray. I am praying and believing God for things that I could have never dreamed of before, and get this, HE is answering them. Prayers about jobs, finances, destinies, ministry, and so many more things are being answered left and right and its amazing. And it has a lot to do with the fact that God allowed me to get a dose of perspective about praying through. I began to see that I needed to not just voice a prayer or concern to God, and leave it at that, but that I needed to start ‘circling’ those things in prayer. This means that I literally drew circles around my prayers and kept going over them, knowing fully well that God was not only able but willing to answer them.

Many of us believe that God is able, but if we are real with ourselves, we do not necessarily believe that He is willing. Deep down in our psyche, we have allowed ourselves to believe that God is not really for us, that He really does not want to bless us, that perhaps we are the exception to the rule when it comes to His promises. But let me say it, and say it clear – God is not only for you, but He has great things in store for you! Seriously, He loves you and is only waiting for you to trust and believe in the miracles that He can bring about in your life.

So spiritually, really prayerfully, speaking, I am getting in better shape. Now if I can get my physical being to follow suit.

If you, like me, have grown a little discouraged or slightly bored in your prayer life, I encourage you to read the Circle Maker as well. I am telling you that you wont regret it. 

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