Disconnected…and it Don’t Feel So Good

When it comes to prayer and faith, there is a difference between being shocked and being amazed at the blessings of God. Being shocked at God reveals our doubt. It illustrates a disconnect between our prayers and ability to believe that whatever we ask for in prayer, God will hear us. And so like the early disciples in the book of Acts who prayed for Peter’s release but were shocked when he was, we too find ourselves shocked when God provides, heals, and delivers even though time and time again he has proven that he is capable of all of these things.

Now being amazed, that’s a different thing entirely. We can and we should be amazed at how God provides and the manner in which he delivers. I have no doubt that on Mt. Moriah, Abraham knew that God would provide; he just did not know how he would and was amazed when God showed up with a ram in place of his son.

The three Hebrew boys likewise knew that God could deliver them from the fiery furnace. They even said so and put their faith on the line, saying that even if He didn’t they would still refuse to worship Nebuchadnezzer. They just didn’t know how he would deliver and so  were amazed at how God rescued them from the flames unscorched.

We serve a God whose character is consistent with His Word. His Word says that He is…

– Jehovah Jireh: The LORD who sees in advance and makes provision
– Jehovah Rophe: The LORD who heals
– Jehovah Shalom:  The LORD who is our peace
– Jehovah Nissi: The LORD our banner
– Jehovah Tsidkenu: The LORD our righteousness

We need not be surprised, or shocked, when God acts in accordance with His character – this is who He is! He never changes, and we can take that to the bank. Perhaps this knowledge can increase our faith so that instead of doubting when we pray, we can know that He will not go against His Word.

The question now is: are we ready to be amazed by God.

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