Lessons I Learned about Being Black in 2013

humanIn light of all of things that have been happening to black people in this country of late, I composed the following piece called ‘Don’t.’ These are just a few things that I am learning about what it means to be black, and what happens when you try to do the opposite of what you shouldn’t do. In all seriousness though, scary times are upon us and to me, at least, it seems like the more we try to move ahead, the more persecution (can I call it that?) we face. God have mercy!


Don’t ask for help
Don’t want to work
Don’t want to feed your family
Don’t think you can make it
Don’t think you have rights
Don’t think you are equal
Don’t think you are fully human
Don’t live, walk, or drive through a white neighborhood
Don’t speak for yourself
Don’t question the motives of others who speak for you
Don’t call out ‘allies’
Don’t play football
Don’t tattle or call out racism
Don’t wear a hoodie
Don’t take out the trash
Don’t play loud music
Don’t ride a train
Don’t go to school
Don’t strive for a good education
Don’t desire to buy a home
Don’t try to make it out the hood
Don’t own a gun
Don’t take away white people’s guns
Don’t defend yourself
Don’t think the law works for you
Don’t, just don’t
Don’t breathe
Don’t desire
Don’t live
Don’t exist

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