Resurrection: A Song of Hope for the Oppressed

liberation from oppressionResurrection

…the promise that the things that are dead will live again
…the hope that the things that are decaying will be revitalized again
…the confidence that those who are sick will be well again
…the assurance that those who are oppressed and in bondage and enslaved by the systems of this world will be free again.

When Jesus said that He came to preach the Good News, liberate those who were captive, heal those who were sick, He meant it. He didn’t just give it lip service, but He did it, ultimately paying for this freedom with His own life.

On Friday He died and then two days later He rose again, showing us what life after death really meant, proving to us that evil and every -ism it embodies doesn’t win in the end, inspiring us to believe and hope and trust in His resurrection.

Jesus’ resurrection shows us that suffering is not in vain. The trials that we experience are not in vain. The barriers and obstacles that we encounter on a daily basis are not in vain. No, they are not God’s plan, but God will use them to bring about life in a way that we wouldn’t have otherwise known. We just have to believe it. Believe in God! Believe in Jesus! Believe in what the cross accomplishes! And don’t let the systems of oppression in this world ever fool you, ever misguide you for a second. Don’t allow this present suffering to make you think that freedom can’t be known.

Oh now, it doesn’t feel like freedom could ever be in reach. Right now it may not seem that life, free of worry and pain and disease, could ever be attained. And that is understandable – we are still living in this world. But resurrection, our very own resurrection, is imminent and God’s Kingdom is among us right now.

Resurrection. Believe in Jesus’ resurrection.


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