Reflections After a Job Interview

So I just got back from an interview with an organization that I have known and loved for quite some time. Periodically I go to their website to see if they have any openings and a few weeks ago, I noticed that they had an open position for an Administrative Assistant. Granted, I have no …

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Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction

How do we distinguish between what is true or characteristic about a people or a culture, and what is a stereotype? This is a question that I ask myself periodically as I catch myself and others labeling an entire people group, nationality, gender or social class on account of a few interactions with people from …

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Out of my kitchen window stands these tall trees that stretch up into the sky and pierce the clouds with their many leaves and branches. I am not sure how many are out there, a mere glance tells me at least a hundred but I am just not sure.What is certain is that they are …

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