Something I Learned From Today’s Garfield Comic Strip

Anyone who knows me really well also knows that I am an avid Garfield fan. I can't remember when my love for this overweight, sarcastic cat began, especially considering that I loathe cats, but I do know that my love has been existent for quite a while now. My collection of 33 Garfield comic books …

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Pulling At the Heart Strings

I don't know about you, but I personally find it difficult to stay focused on one thing. So many issues and needs pull at my heartstrings, and me being the person that I am, I want to address them all. I want to solve all of the world's problems, not because I am prideful or …

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Three Ways to Sustain the “Call”

Passion in and of itself does not sustain the 'call', no matter what the call is. For me, the call is salvation of souls and justice for the oppressed, but it could easily be a thriving church, a profitable business, ministry to unreached people groups, or something entirely different for someone who is driven by …

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