Confronting Racism: Focus on the Family Broadcast

I have been listening to Focus on the Family, an Christian evangelical broadcast, on the radio for years, and have been acquainted with them since I was in high school. And I would have to say that I have never, I mean never, heard an open, honest conversation about race and racism on the show. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by Monday’s broadcast as Kay Cole James, founder of The Gloucester Institute, talked with the hosts of Focus on the Family about the present day reality of racism in this country. I have to say that I was impressed and thrilled that this issue, which is often hard for many to talk about, was elevated to this level in the ears of many.

For me, this is important in that we, and by we I mean those who represent the Church, seem to have a problem addressing racism. For whatever reason, many believers have turned a blind eye to this issue that is so deeply embedded in our society. Conversations about race are taking place outside of the Church, and for the most part, our prophetic voice and ability to speak to this issue is largely missing. I am not saying that this broadcast nailed it, or hit a home run on this issue, but I am saying it is a good start and perhaps represents a renewed desire for the Church to take a stand.

I did not necessarily agree with every point raised, but I think it is a broadcast worth listening to. And if you don’t mind, share with me your thoughts and reflections from the broadcast. What did it get right? What did it get wrong? Where do the opportunities exist for believers to really take a stand on this issue?

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