White Reform

*Warning: This post is mostly satire, aimed at challenging (and changing) pervasive and destructive narratives that are applied to people of color while ignoring and even downplaying violent behaviors in whites. While written in jest to expose the level of hypocrisy and hatred embedded within white supremacist ideology, something must really be done to dismantle …

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God Things

In a world of chaos and pain, it is all the more necessary to take stock of the ways that God has proven Himself faithful. Things have been hella crazy over the last few weeks. From the attacks in Paris, Beirut, Nigeria and Mali, to the demonization of Syrian refugees which led to the U.S. …

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On #RachelDolezal: The Beauty and Pain of Blackness

“Can you drink this cup?” This is the question that Jesus asked His disciples, James and John, when they requested seats of prominence in His coming kingdom (Matthew 20.20-23, NASB). After walking with Him for three years, they believed Him to be the Son of God as they saw His power unfurled when He raised …

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