Love. Hard. Period.

A teacher of the law asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. Rather than answer his question, Jesus countered and asked the teacher to define the law himself and the teacher replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all … Continue reading Love. Hard. Period.

With This Little Light

The candle that I hold in my hand is small and seemingly insignificant. In a room full of other light, it goes mostly unnoticed. But in times of darkness, such as a power outage, I search for its light to illuminate the room so that I can see. In many ways, I feel like this … Continue reading With This Little Light

Belonging and Survival

The human condition is predicated on the premise that we belong and are needed by others. In order to survive and live life well, we are dependent on the presence and generosity of those who surround us - not only for provision but for meaning, relationship, and warmth as well. Just think about it: in … Continue reading Belonging and Survival

Give Me Faith…Like a Woman

Sometimes I feel like Moses, praying you would send someone else. At times I feel like Gideon, desperately looking for a sign that you have spoken to me. On occasion I feel like Saul, hoping to disappear into the background.  And other times, I feel like Jonah, wishing to be overcome by a whale so … Continue reading Give Me Faith…Like a Woman

3 Things I’m Thinking About in Light of Orlando

It has been exactly a year since the horrific mass shooting took place in Charleston, North Carolina. As soon as I heard about this extreme act of terrorism against black bodies, I was quick to rush to the internet (Twitter) to denounce it. Tears flooded my face with every tweet I sent - I felt … Continue reading 3 Things I’m Thinking About in Light of Orlando

The Push for Human Solidarity and Connectivity

In this world, or at least in this part of it, we are socially conditioned to walk past each other. Seldom do we stop to engage, to say hi or listen to each others stories. Sometimes we make excuses for not doing so - we are rushing to our next meeting, we are fearful of … Continue reading The Push for Human Solidarity and Connectivity

ReDEFINING Beauty, Love, and Black Men

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the ReDEFINING series over the last month. To date, we have had five different authors submitting their stories. And they have been immensely powerful, candid ones too. In case you missed it, here are snippets of the latest two which were both posted this week, hosted … Continue reading ReDEFINING Beauty, Love, and Black Men