Just You Wait! Reflection for Holy Week

The death toll continues to rise
As nation after nation competes on the world stage
To prove its strength before its enemies
Its might before the world

The loss of whole families and communities seem to be of no consequence
The only thing that matters is that the strongest survive and win

But what exactly is the prize?
A theoretical trophy of sorts?
Try to take it to the bank – it will come up worthless
Take it to the grave – it will rot with the bodies of the strong

No one is a winner in these games that target our lives and destroy humanity
When will enough be enough?

Lord, help us!
Intervene with power
Before we destroy ourselves

Here is Jesus, here He comes
Riding into the world on a baby donkey
Mocking the powers that be, asserting that they are nothing and that all of their posturing will amount to nothing

As they play on the world stage,
He rearranges the stage
Bringing an end to their oppressive rule
Not by power or my might
But by allowing Himself to become a victim to their sadistic whims

The Lord of the universe takes upon His body the sins of the empire:
Oppression, exploitation, theft, land grabbing, genocide and ecocide

These he takes with Him to the cross
They are nailed where the nails pierce his hands and feet
Resting on his crown where the throns pierce his head

It would appear they had defeated him.
But just wait, the resurrection is coming.
And Christ will rise from the dead
And all of the things that put Him in the grave will stay buried
Deep in the earth
They will not destroy any more.

Just you wait, resurrection is coming.
The world will be made whole again.
The birds will sing again.
The children will play again.
War will be no more.
Evil will be put to rest.

Just you wait, resurrection is here!
Our bodies will be made new
All of the hurt and pain we’ve internalized for years will be gone.

In that day, we will laugh and play,
Recounting how we made it over,
Rejoicing and completely satisfied in the work God has done.

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