Advent Lament

They laugh and mock us as we cry out to God for relief They rejoice with gladness as they spill our blood in the streets They smile as they cut programs that help the poor Their bellies are full as they hoard resources that should go to treating cancer, putting kids through college, and ensuring …

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Faith in the life of a Christian isn’t just about whether we believe in Jesus’ existential reality. Belief in Jesus needs to undergird our faith experience, and yet, it should be characterized by so much more. Faith should mean that we trust Jesus to do the impossible concerning our souls and it should also include …

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Forsaking Justice for Faith?

  There is a sentiment that I have been seeing circulate around the inter-webs that I want to respond to. It is not a new sentiment, in fact one that has been present for...well, the idea is so old I cannot quite trace its origins. The age of the idea, however, does not take away from …

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Black Gal White Guy: Aquittal of Jeronimo Yanez

Hey ya'll, I did my first podcast! Does that make me a podcaster now? What is the official terminology here? Anyhow, not important. What is important is the conversation. Head on over to the Mennonerds Podcast to check it out.  

Just You Wait! Reflection for Holy Week

The death toll continues to rise As nation after nation competes on the world stage To prove its strength before its enemies Its might before the world The loss of whole families and communities seem to be of no consequence The only thing that matters is that the strongest survive and win But what exactly …

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Say Their Names: The Rizpah Inside All of Us

This post is the fourth installment in a series that I have been hosting called, “Say Their Names” which tells the stories of amazing women in the Bible who like our male heroes, exercised and operated from a deep sense of faith. And from their stories, I will expound on other historical and modern day examples. …

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