Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving for Women


To God
Both our Father and our Mother
Who created the heavens and the earth
Who separated the waters from the land
Who brought forth vegetables and fruit trees of every kind
Who spoke light into existence
Who created creatures of the land, earth, and sea
Who formed both men and women in your very own image
Endowing both with gifts and wisdom, strength and beauty to be used for the perfecting of your kingdom

Our God, we thank you
We thank you for the gifts and skills that you have freely given to each of us
While we pay particular attention to the varied and abundant gifts of women among us
Whose work, talent, sacrifice, and wisdom
Often goes unnoticed and taken advantage of

On this day, we not only take notice
But we affirm, lift up, and loudly proclaim the gifts of our women
the strength of our teenaged daughters
the inquisitiveness of our little girls
the wisdom of our grandmothers
and the necessity of each in order to live more fully into our humanity

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