Advent Lament

They laugh and mock us as we cry out to God for relief
They rejoice with gladness as they spill our blood in the streets
They smile as they cut programs that help the poor
Their bellies are full as they hoard resources that should go to treating cancer, putting kids through college, and ensuring that the social safety net is broad enough, lest anyone of us should fall (because we will)

They are smug in their disdain for life. So they poison the waters, burn through the ozone and destroy the good earth that God has made for their own selfish gain.

And yet, they continue to hold out hope that God won’t care. That God would look the other way as they crush the face of the dispossessed into the earth. That’s why they pray and tithe and fast and hold onto ‘conservative’ beliefs, hoping against hope that God would forgive them of the evil that they release upon the earth.

Today they smile
And laugh
And mock
And rejoice at what their hands have done

Little do they know that Christ is here,
That Christ is here to save and deliver those who are crushed by oppression from the hands of their enemies

Little do they know that the Messiah is here, to restore balance upon the earth, to redeem everything and everyone that has suffered under the hand of tyranny

Little do they know that the jig is up. They will be called to give account for every evil deed:
For every black boy they murdered in cold blood
For every acre of land they stole from the Americas to South Africa
For every woman they denied access to birth control
For every morsel of good they withheld from the mouth of a two year old child (even though they are pro-life)
For every person with disease they denied access to care
For every immigrant and refugee they deported, even though they destroyed their homelands
For every man they refused to prosecute for rape
For every human being they falsely incriminated
For every person they maligned on account of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ability
For every person they denied the opportunity to be fully human, fully loved and embraced as image bearers of the living God
For every time they chose to follow evil instead of good (like on the Senate Floor Friday night)

Jesus Christ, our Lord and redeemer is here. He is here. He will restore us. He will bring salvation to the poor and the needy. He has remembered every single person this system has forgotten and will bring us refuge this day.

Inspired by Psalm 80.1 – 7 and Isaiah 64

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