Advent Lament

They laugh and mock us as we cry out to God for relief They rejoice with gladness as they spill our blood in the streets They smile as they cut programs that help the poor Their bellies are full as they hoard resources that should go to treating cancer, putting kids through college, and ensuring …

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This Advent: Christ Is Here – May He Be Found In Us

As we finish off leftovers from Thanksgiving, we usher in another season of advent. And if you are like me, you too have also been wondering what this season means in light of the current political moment. Getting wrapped up in the typical holiday festivities and cheer is tempting - I want my children to …

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Advent as Interruption

Empires and other imperial powers in this world would like to have us believe that oppression is a fact of life. That there simply is no other way to be in the world, to exist, than to have a permanent underclass that is continuously exploited. Governments that are characterized by some sort of religious code …

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