What Happened to Us? A Sermon on Sin and Trauma

What does it mean to be completely and wonderfully made? What does it mean to be so deeply and intricately designed and known by our creator that wherever we go, whatever we do, whether we make our bed in heaven or the earth below, that God sees us, responds to us, loves us? These ideas …

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Black Gal White Guy: Aquittal of Jeronimo Yanez

Hey ya'll, I did my first podcast! Does that make me a podcaster now? What is the official terminology here? Anyhow, not important. What is important is the conversation. Head on over to the Mennonerds Podcast to check it out.  

This Day

I refuse to watch the dash cam footage. I don't need to watch it to know what is there. And even still, knowing that the evidence visibly shows that Philando Castile did no wrong makes me want to fall apart. Knowing that Philando was killed while a 4 year old girl was in the car …

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There is no power gained by oppressing others. No glory. No honor. No peace. No joy. Only terror, the terror of living under the tyranny that your own hands have wrought. The agony of your own oppressive behavior released upon the earth, threatening breath, air, water, land. Us. Be delivered from the memory of your …

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