There is no power gained by oppressing others.
No glory.
No honor.
No peace.
No joy.
Only terror, the terror of living under the tyranny that your own hands have wrought. The agony of your own oppressive behavior released upon the earth, threatening breath, air, water, land.

Be delivered from the memory of your tyranny that haunts your bones and that keeps you awake. That chills your soul.
And step into the light with the rest of us.
Where goodness flows like milk and loves tastes as sweet as honey.

This is where salvation is.

One thought on “Salvation

  1. I would go even further and say that any time I or anyone else would enslave anyone, we would also be enslaved. Look at the suspicion visited upon Black Americans. Isn’t that a projection of our own guilt? To free anyone frees us all. Until then we are captive of our own guilt and shame.

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